Active members
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Andr00 Coder Likes to code and drink beer with the rest of the herd.
Axel Puppetmaster, musician, spammer Busy holding strings. Holding. Not wearing.
Bpoint Coder Our secret ninjaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Buzzer Musician, spammer He's alwaying being smacked when there's a quizshow.
C-jeff Musician Not to be confused with another (french) Jeff...
deathy Coder Likes to play chess with his friend, death.
DJ Joge Musician, spammer Still prefers Protracker to Renoise. We pity him.
Epec Secretary Axel's secretary (and Fishguy's wife) to help get shit done.
FishGuy876 Coder Is moving from fish to goats
Fleshbrain Musician, spammer He already had a shower this year
Hansee Musician Likes goats. Like most guys in BRS.
Ivy Gfx artist What? A girl?
Keith303 Musician Another german music guru
Malmen Musician Chiptune hero and trance master, and exporter of Swedish goats
Mantraz Gfx artist Mantra or Mantraz? We still don't know.
Mice Musician, Gfx artist, Spammer Cool as mice.
Mystra Musician, spammer Our whale-riding Norwegian with a damn fine boat.
Nemesis Coder The man with the best laugh in the universe and beyond.
Parsec 3d modeller, musician Once his mind gets going, you can't stop him.
Preacher Coder Will there ever be a son of a Preacher, man? Tissit!
Pride Gfx artist -
prm Musician, gfx artist, spammer Boobies?
Romeo Knight Musician The knight is back, and he's not wearing pink pyjamas.
Serpent Musician, spammer Prefers his shower to be made of gold.
Sinatra Musician Contrary to popular belief, he's not a goat.
Ultrasyd Musician, Gfx artist, photographer Loves fish. And chips.
Virt Musician Virtually Virt.
Xerxes Musician Our hero for the calm moments.
Relaxing members
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Alecs CBO (Chief Bacon Officer), Spammer Has become a vegetarian since we made him our CBO.
Bridgeclaw Gfx artist So good at drawing that we start to believe he's an extra-terrestrial.
Critikill Gfx artist, Spammer Our resurrected mummy and demoscene allstar.
Duffman Coder Canadians rule. He's the living proof.
Facet Gfx artist -
Imbusy Coder The young but talented sheep among the old rhinos
Mikael Fyrek Swapper and oral support. Occasionally musician
Runaro Musician, Coder, Spammer A gentleman of impeccable standards and immaculate moral fibre.
Ruth "Hogne" Linde Musician No he's not female. Stop sending wedding proposals.
Scott Musician "Tried but failed". Could that be a way of life?
Skaven Musician Habba habba.
Yes Fruits and music. Combined. Enjoys taking pictures of guys showing boobies on stage.
Portrait Handle Flag Profession Info
Bendik Drummer Honorary member in the Brainstorm
Col. Swapper, spammer He's out there... Somewhere. He really is.
Steel Coder-pretend-to-be, spammer Tries to impress girls with his car
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