Should we update this?


We decided that we should update this page again. First we were planning to have a new website but this kinda was postponed, so we'll get back to posting regular updates here. How about that?

Ultrasyd @ Blip Festival NY


Brainstorm's Ultrasyd is performing live at Blip Festival in New York on May 19. Fishguy and Epec will be there as well, together with our good friend 4-Mat who will be playing on May 20. The concerts will start at 8pm, so if you're in the New York City area, please come by and have a beer with us!

More info at

Been a while!


Howdy goats! Darn, too much time has passed since our last update, which is a shame. Because there were so many things happening in the meantime. Revision 2011 was happening in Saarbrücken over Easter for example, where Romeo scored 3rd place in the streaming music competition, Xerxes 6th and Ultrasyd 9th. Preacher furthermore ranked 3rd in the photo competition.

Next up we'll be at Stream 7 at Tampere, Finland on May 20th. After that, come meet us at VIP 2011 party in Thoissey, France, close to Lyon on May 26th.

Furthermore, welcome to Ziphoid and Kenet who joined us for future ass-kicking goatness. Stay tuned!

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