Kindergarden 2009

2009-11-22, 21:40

nd Mamushka / Hansee; Danish Dynamit (pants off edit) by Xerxes; 5th Fifty Fifty by Mystra; 6th Loophole by Sinatra

Sherlock Chromag

2009-11-17, 11:38

Regarding the "Give us Zine #14" spam in this guestbook... I only know one writer in the diskmagscene whith such spelling "skills" ("Than give us...") :D


2009-11-17, 11:36

I wish this guestbook was a little bit more intimate, Bitarts :)

Bit Arts

2009-10-29, 23:18

Chromag baby... my boobies never belonged to anyone else than you. :D


2009-10-17, 10:17

here iz a massage to brainstoam: your boobies are belong to us


2009-09-18, 21:30

we are teh boobies, you will be assimilated. resistance is futile.


2009-09-05, 02:19

I can't believe you guys made me write boobies just to post here :P


2009-07-14, 11:57

keep up! good prods!!!!!! best regards!!!!


2009-07-09, 11:16

alright, it's been fun

Latest added release

2009-07-04, 07:43

Zine #14

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